Teeth Whitening Langley

Teeth Whitening Langley

We recommend that you stay away from the over-the-counter teeth whiteners if you're looking for teeth whitening in Langley. These just aren't the safest nor the most effective solutions. Unfortunately, many of the teeth whitening products on the market today are either ineffective, or they actually can damage your teeth and your health. We're not recommending professional teeth whitening in a dental clinic just because we want your business; we're recommending it because teeth whitening by a trained and experienced dentist is the safest way, and a dentist can give you the best results.

Teeth Whitening is Important to Your Overall Good Health and Well-Being

Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, and unhealthy teeth and gums, along with poor dental hygiene, can result in serious health problems. For example, heart attack, stroke, and pneumonia are just a few of the elevated health risks that people experience with unhealthy mouths. But what does teeth whitening have to do with dental hygiene?

One of the problems with the teeth whitening products that you can buy at the grocery store is that they don't remove the buildup of plaque and bacteria that grow and hide between your teeth. Have your teeth cleaned at the dentist's office once or twice a year can greatly increase your overall health. Plus, when we perform teeth whitening for our clients, we also clean their teeth as part of the service.

Why Our Patients Prefer Professional Teeth Whitening in Langley

Gentle Dental Langley is the best place to go for teeth whitening in Langley. Why? Our dentists are very skilled, experienced, educated, and gentle. Teeth whitening procedures are typically very quick, and teeth whitening is probably the least expensive way to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile. Plus, there is no waiting for results with teeth whitening. The results are instant!

Why Should You Have Your Teeth Whitened Professionally?

Over time, the food that we eat, the beverages that we consume, and many of the other things that we put un our mouths, such as nicotine, wine, and sweets, cause our teeth to become discolored and stained. Brushing alone will not remove the stains or whiten your teeth once they have set in. There have been numerous studies that have been conducted on this subject that demonstrate a relationship between teeth whitening products and other serious health issues. It's best to leave teeth whitening to a professional!

At Gentle Dental Langley, some of the most common causes of teeth discoloration include:

  • Smoking
  • Medications
  • Aging
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

At Gentle Dental Langley, we have a variety of tools and methods at our disposal for teeth whitening. For example, these include some of our more common teeth whitening procedures like gel-filled trays, laser whitening, or a combination of whitening techniques. The method that we use will depend on your teeth and the extent of the staining or discoloration.

Teeth Whitening Langley
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