Dental Sedation Can Help You Receive The Care You Need

Dental anxiety can cause a range of symptoms, including sweating, an increased heart rate, and even panic. More than 20% of people avoid visiting a dentist due to dental anxiety or fear, which, over time, can enable dental disease to flourish and eventually lead to a number of oral heallth problems.

Thankfully, Dr. Paul Dhillon and the team at Gentle Dental Langley can help with oral and IV sedation dentistry in Langley.

How oral and IV sedation help make dental visits easier

We ensure that the procedures you need to keep your smile healthy and strong can be performed by helping patients relax throughout their visit with oral or IV sedation in Langley. Creating a deeply relaxed effect, these medications enable patients to respond to verbal instructions and/or nudging while simultaneously removing the anxiety, fear, or panic they may otherwise feel while receiving care.

How do these sedation options differ from general anesthesia? General anesthesia causes patients to enter an unresponsive state and is often recommended for procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction.

The main benefits of oral and IV sedation include:

  • fast-acting relaxation
  • patients will experience little or no pain
  • multiple procedures can be performed in one visit
  • patients often have no recollection of their treatment
  • the sedation experience is safe, predictable, and the medication dosage can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Are oral or IV sedation ideal for you?

Before we can answer this question, there are a couple of things your dentist in Langley must do. This includes exploring your medical history and medication use. Older patients or those with significant health issues may first need to visit their doctor or medical specialist before proceeding.

If anxiety has stopped you from receiving the dental care you want and need, we encourage you to call us. We’ll do everything possible to help you remain calm and overcome this challenging obstacle. The health of your smile is worth it!

Call Gentle Dental To Learn More About Oral & IV Dental Sedation in Langley

  • Experience deep relaxation during your visit
  • Stay awake and communicate with us
  • Have multiple treatments completed, if needed
  • Receive sedation services from our experienced team
  • Prioritize your oral health!

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