Prevent Future Problems With Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Nearly all of us develop wisdom teeth and wish we didn’t. Most of us have them on each side of our mouth, upper and lower. Strictly speaking, they are our third set of molars. In fact, they are visitors from a previous life that have outlived their welcome and usefulness.

Find out if you require wisdom tooth removal

  • Alleviate pain
  • Save other teeth from damage
  • Reduce the risk of cavities & gum disease
  • Prevent problems in the jawbone.
If you or your child are beginning to experience pain in the back of your mouth, it’s probably a sign of wisdom teeth starting to emerge. At Gentle Dental in Langley, Dr. Dhillon and our team can alleviate your discomfort and protect your smile with wisdom teeth removal. You don’t need to look elsewhere for a consultation – our team has helped many patients with their impacted wisdom teeth.