Your Family Dentist In Langley Has Tips On How To Handle A Dental Emergency

Family Dentist

No one ever plans dental emergencies in Langley, and it’s for that reason exactly that you should plan how to react should one happen.

The first thing to know is that if you have a dental emergency, your family dentist at Gentle Dental Langley is ready to help. We will always welcome your call.

Secondly, there are a few things you can do before you come to us that will improve the outcome. Here are a few tips about how to handle common dental emergencies – the ones we see most often.

Toothache – The pain of a toothache can be sharp and piercing, or more generalized and throbbing – usually due to tooth decay. Pain will likely become worse instead of better, so call us as soon as discomfort begins, and we’ll fit you in quickly. For temporary relief, hold a warm cloth against the affected cheek. If the area around the tooth is swollen, you can also use a cool compress intermittently. Remember though, never put ice directly against your skin. Wrap it (or bag of frozen peas) in a tea towel before applying.

Chipped Or Broken Tooth – The best way to manage tooth fractures is to prevent them. For any sport where there’s even the smallest risk of contact with another player or any surface, everyone should wear a professionally fitted mouthguard.

If a tooth does get chipped, use warm water to rinse off as much dirt as possible from the chipped piece and place it in a glass of milk. Call us right away, and we’ll fit you in asap.

Broken teeth can almost always be saved, but it’s important that you call us immediately. We’ll ask you to explain what happened and we’ll find an appointment for you right away.

Knocked Out Tooth – Bite on some gauze or a clean cloth to stop any bleeding. For a permanent tooth, handle it by the shiny enamel crown only and rinse it gently under clean water. Remove the gauze and try to place the tooth back in its socket within 10 minutes. If that’s not possible, submerge the tooth in milk. Either way, call us immediately and come to us immediately! As time lapses, the opportunity to save the tooth reduces quickly.

In all dental emergencies, it is crucial that you get to Gentle Dental in Langley as quickly as possible. We can evaluate the extent of the injury and make any necessary repairs quickly and safely.

We’re your go-to family dental office in Langley for any dental emergency. With compassion and gentle care, we’ll have you smiling again in no time! Call us today!

Yours in excellent dental health,
Dr. Paul Dhillon, General Dentist